Hamburg 2018

"Peace – free, heal and recognize yourself."

21.09.2018 Walk of Peace in Hamburg
22.-23.09.2018 Light Awareness Congress

Mozart Halls Hamburg
Moorweidenstrasse 36, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Visiting the entire congress is free for all visitors.

Light Awareness Congress

We are pleased to present the Philosophy of Light Awareness with its many facets and themes to people in Germany, Europe and the world at our Light Awareness Congress.

We cordially invite you to be touched in your peace and your innermost truth. About liberation workshops, healing work, lectures on knowledge and spaces for encounters, meditation and information.

The philosophy of light awareness and its founder David Wared as well as the Light Awareness Academy and its departments and projects are introduced to you on a mental, emotional and physical level. These are among other things like Meditation, Light Essence Therapy, Light Constellation, Energy Dancing, LightYoga, Spiritual Photography, Earth Healing as well as the great visions from the philosophy of Light Awareness – the World Tour for Peace and the City of Peace.

A highlight is the Meditation for Peace and Love by and with the born healer, healing philosopher and founder David Wared on Saturday evening. This event is presented and carried out by the association Lichtbewusstleben e.V.

Kogi Indians – Keepers of Mother Earth

Kogis Mamo Vincente, Mamo Manuel and Fiscale

The Kogis Mamo Vincente, Mamo Manuel and Fiscale – Keepers of Mother Earth – indigenous people from Colombia, are our guests of honor. Together we talk about peace and the protection of Mother Earth and we meditate for worldwide peace and unity.

Peace in the world

Everything is founded on the highest level of spirit and soul and revealed from the heart for all people. Everyone can find his individual way into his liberation, healing, self-knowledge and creative power and, if desired, be accompanied in this process. If every person comes to himself, recognize his fundamental goodness and the presence of the 11 basic values in himself, then the way is free for peace in the world.

The vision of worldwide peace is based, among other things, on extended humanity, which recognizes the inviolable dignity of all people, animals, plants and Mother Earth as given and asks for an intact and free life for all. A profound and sustainable change in the world is possible – but everything begins within ourselves first!

Welcome home!

Team of the Light Awareness Congress

„Peace cannot be found.
Peace is something that comes out of you and comes true.“
David Wared

Exhibitors 2018

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