Light Awareness Congress


Making Peace: Meeting with the Kogi Indians (indigenous people) from Colombia

The basis for worldwide peace is forgiveness and healing on the deepest soul and heart level. The meeting of peoples and religions, especially between Europeans and peoples in North and South America, was not always marked by peace. Past disregard and wounds must be forgiven and healed so that union and unity can be restored in peace. This work of consciousness and healing is essential and the basis for a worldwide international community of hearts, which is then revealed and realized in every variety. This is the basis for a profound and lasting peace that includes all living beings, such as animals, plants and Mother Earth.

With this in mind and with this longing in our hearts, as part of the European people, we have travelled to the Kogis, honoring them with all our hearts, appreciating them, giving them gifts, feeling and recognizing our common roots together with them. We have given them back their place in our hearts, thus overcoming the separation that we once caused. The Kogis, on the other hand, have opened their hearts to us because of their greatness and mission, and together we could feel that we belong to the family of the world. Out of their peace, greatness and mission, they are now coming to Europe to reach us with their message. The space for forgiveness and healing between Europe and Colombia (South America) is opened up for all by the visit of the Kogis. Peace at heart level can now become a reality.

We are therefore very pleased that the Kogi Indians from Colombia have accepted our invitation to welcome them here at our Light Consciousness Congress. As Keepers of the Earth, the Kogi Indians have a message for the world. They want to call for the protection of Mother Earth and point out to us humans that our current behavior weakens and sustainably destroys our home planet.

Begegnung mit den Kogi Indianern

The philosophy of light consciousness also carries the healing message and protective action for Mother Earth and longs for a peaceful coexistence with our planet in the sense of extended humanity. Together we open the space for meeting, expansion, knowledge, forgiveness and peace at our congress and cordially invite everyone to join us!

When: Saturday, 22.09.2018 at 15:00 – 18:00
Where: Mozart Halls, Moorweidenstraße 36, 20146 Hamburg
Organizer: Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V. –

In the following report we would like to share with you our encounter with the Kogi Indians in Colombia and the touching moments. You are also invited to discover more photos and reports about the Kogis on Facebook WORLD TOUR for PEACE.


All people are longing deep in their hearts for a peaceful world and a loving togetherness. This desire unites us worldwide, because our souls and hearts speak the same language. Often we try to find peace and love outside, but these are anchored in ourselves. Meditation is a simple and direct way to get in contact with our inner being and thus to peace and love in us.

Our association LICHTBEWUSSTLEBEN e.V. usually organizes four times a year the Meditation for Peace and Love in different cities of Germany, in order to manifest from our inner center a power without words, which strengthens the realization of peace and love in everyday life.

We would like to invite you together with the founder of the philosophy of light awareness, David Wared.

Place: Mozart Halls, Moorweidenstr. 36, 20146 Hamburg

Date: 22.09.2018
Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Admission from 18:30
Admission is free


Earth Healing on the Elbstrand – Payback to Mother Earth


The earth gives us the basis of all life – we want to give something back to it.

The Earth Healing of the Light Awareness Academy invites you to a common meditation with active healing action for our planet.

It is always the goal of our work to support the earth in its balance and harmony with all living beings.

In Hamburg we would like to give the 11 basic values (light, love, life, love, peace, freedom, truth and unity as well as order, harmony and rhythm) over the beach and the water of the Elbe into the world.

We look forward to a varied experience, touching experiences and new insights.

Are you ready when the earth calls you? Be there!

Event: Earth Healing on the Elbstrand in Hamburg
Where: Beginning of the Elbstrand, Övelgönne (Google Maps)
Date: 21.09.2018
Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Earth Healing

Walk of Peace – Walk for Peace

Steps in peace and for peace.

As part of the 1st Light Awareness Congress in Hamburg on 21-23.09.2018 the first Walk of Peace will take place in Hamburg. Certainly not the first peace march to take place in Hamburg, but the first Walk of Peace according to David Wared's philosophy of light awareness.

These steps for peace are not a demonstration against war or strife in the world. These steps for peace are taken by the participants out of their own inner peace for peace. The organizers are on the way from the inner mindset that peace is something that is originally created in every human being. We just need to remember that that is the case. Every person is able to feel and perceive peace through his innermost being. The Walk of Peace is about bringing this peace to life and expressing and expanding it in silence in every step. This is the difference to a demonstration against discord in the world. Every statement against something already contains one's own discord and, strictly speaking, is in turn already an attack. The participants and organizers of the Walk of Peace want to transform exactly this attitude into an act of peace.

When we end the war within us, stop the inner strife, we are able to live authentic peace and touch others through our own peace. Then no more words of conviction are needed. The peace man speaks to the peaceful part in every other person and touches him on the level of the heart. Peace can only be felt to its full extent. Any description by words cannot fully grasp this deep feeling.

That is why the graduates of David Wared's Light Awareness Academy invite everyone who feels addressed to take these steps for peace. To meet like-minded people in silence and to consciously send every step of peace into the world in meditative form is the deeper meaning of this Walk of Peace.

Event: Walk of Peace
Date: 21.09.2018
Time: 15:00 – 16:00

Starting point: At the lightship at the Landungsbrücken
Endpoint: Platz der Deutschen Einheit, in front of the Elbphilharmonie

At the endpoint – a Light Dance around the World and a concluding Meditation for Peace.
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Walk of Peace

Light Dance around the World – Light Dance for Peace

Light Dance

In every country we travel, we meet with people and their cultures and share our peace with them. This happens, among other things, with a common Energy Dance, for which no words are needed. Dance is a wonderful way to connect people, as the language of movement is the immediate and intuitive expression of feelings and sensations.

Beyond the healing dance for our own path of consciousness, this afternoon we also dance for the pacification and unification of all peoples, nations, cultures and races and for the equal rights of all beings on earth. In our Energy Dancing we value humans, animals, nature and Mother Earth itself and thus we heal and sanctify her. Thus, we ourselves become a dancing pillar of light, which expands its light through movement, which expresses its love through movement and which is living life.

With this Light Dance at the “Platz der Deutschen Einheit“ (which we selected for the ending of the Walk of Peace) we give ourselves to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and to entire Germany. We connect our dancing souls and thus unite our energies as an expression of our unity.

You are heartily invited to engage in the energy dance and to express your feelings intuitively, and thus expand peace – within yourself and to the outside world.

Event: Light Dance around the World as part of the Walk of Peace
Where: Platz der Deutschen Einheit
Date: 21.09.2018
Time: approx. 15:45, immediately after the Walk of Peace

The Light Dance around the World is one dance of Energy Dancing, that has its origins from the Philosophy of Light Awareness.