Light Awareness Congress


Philosophy of Light Awareness and Healing Philosopher David Wared

Heilphilosoph David Wared

Light awareness describes a unique ideal philosophy of modern times. It formulates a view of existence based on the aspects of extended humanity, the equal acceptance of thinking and feeling and unity and justifies this insight clearly, comprehensibly and logically. For the first time, the philosophy of light awareness answers the original human questions completely and unambiguously:

- Who am I?

- Where do I come from?

- What is the meaning of being?

Philosophical thinking has been practiced throughout the world since time immemorial, for there is apparently a longing for knowledge in the essence of man. People have always sought the universal power that created them and everything in the universe and holds everything together. They have an idea of unity in space that intuitively reveals itself to them in the facets of love. The philosophy of light awareness recognizes in man a longing for knowledge and the ability to love and bliss, which he carries within him with his birth as a fundamental goodness. He is also curious so that he is motivated to top performance, always looking for new ways to expand.

Man lives in a larger context, the being, which has arisen from a source of creation. It contains everything that exists as existing, that is, things that humans and other living beings, thoughts, concepts and possibilities - in all dimensions that existence has. Since the material is always preceded by an idea of its creation and ideas of a spiritual nature, the primacy of spirit over matter applies, for the material is pure vibration, as modern physics has already proved. According to human understanding, the principle of cause and effect applies to everything that exists; matter, for example, is the realization of a spiritual cause. Therefore, everything also has a spiritual source, so that the created forms a unity with its creator.

Meditation Academy
Meditation by David Wared

Meditation nach David Wared

Meditation, according to light-aware understanding, is an inner contemplation on a path of reflection, i.e. the aware use of the senses. Thus the separation between inside and outside is lifted and thus the person is in the closest contact with his essence, that is, without ceasing in absolute meditation. Meditation brings peace to the mind, peace to the soul and stability and inner balance to the body. In addition to the relaxing and stabilizing effect of meditation, it leads people to deep experiences and insights through contact with their essence. Thus meditation is an essential tool on the way to healing and self-knowledge.


LightYoga is meditative and mentally oriented and, in conjunction with the philosophy of light awareness, represents an extension of traditional yoga.

The effect goes beyond the physical well-being and includes the soul and the spirit, so that a holistic healing effect is possible. The life energy is increased by new breathing techniques and activation of light points and consciously directed to certain organs. The exercises can be practiced at any age, regardless of physical constitution.

Light yoga movement meditations offer another wonderful opportunity for reflection. They let thoughts come to rest and give peace to the soul. Among other things, there are movement meditations on the 5 eternally valid values such as peace.

Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing

Meditation can be practiced in many ways, including in motion. Energy Dancing is a meditative method of expressing feelings in movement. Such an energy dance is performed intuitively and in immersion and releases the meditator from a top-heaviness. This facilitates access to one's own sensations and the level of the heart.

Energy Dancing energizes and vitalizes the body. The effect goes beyond physical well-being and enables the dissolution of blockages on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The dancer finds inner harmony, stability and connection with himself and others. Energy Dancing is therefore a healing dance that traditionally takes up the sacred temple dances of ancient cultures.

Light Constellation

With the Light Constellation there is now for the first time an approach to the constellation work that does not use or orientate itself towards any human constructions and systems. It is the extension of the present, for the constellation of light opens the space of the ideal and infinite potential of man and works from the level of the highest order and universal eternity. This infinite space, which is (actually) no longer a space, opens up to man its universal truth and elevates it to its original creativeness. Any man-made constructions, realities and systems can now be completely transformed and a long-awaited increase in humanity's awareness can be realized.

Seminar „Open Hearts“

Seminar Herzen öffnen

Opening hearts means going back into the inner world, into the depths of his heart, into the depths of his soul and into the expanse of his mind. In this way thinking is reconnected with feeling. You have the opportunity to rediscover the connection to your heart and your source of strength. This makes your perception more aware and wider, so that spiritual and spiritual impulses in the form of intuition, creativity, the blossoming of new strength and life goals enrich your being and bliss becomes a constant companion of your life.

Typology of elements by David Wared

Typologie der Elemente

Every human being carries the elements fire, earth, air and water in equal parts. The order of the elements is individual and serves the fulfilment of the tasks in life and thus the fulfilment of the incarnation mandate. In the course of each life all element houses fill up in the individual order. Due to the increasing balance of the elements, all elements are equally available to man in his self-expression and he approaches his self-mastery and thus also unity. The typology of the elements promotes a better understanding of the forms of expression of others in a very practical way and thus makes it possible for people to live together as a community.

Earth Healing


Mother Earth gives us a home and feeds us unconditionally with her resources on a daily basis. A lack of awareness is currently leading to the massive destruction of our planet and thus our habitat. Earth healing is an energy transfer from human beings to Mother Earth to protect, protect and restore balance. This transfer is a payback to Mother Earth to give something back to her for her infinite devotion to us humans and all living beings. Besides the healing power for Mother Earth, man himself experiences a deep connection with our planet and its inhabitants and brings about a more responsible handling of it through the expansion of awareness.

Healing Tones

Healing Tones is a non-verbal form of expression, a free singing in vowels. The singer reaches a higher vibrating space through the sound, expressing this perceived vibration and thus allowing the listener access to these individually and universally higher dimensions. The sounds penetrate the body and cause a reorientation and vitalization. The sounding person and the listener experience the voice as a wonderful, healing and sacred instrument. Healing Tones touches you in the depths of your soul, opens your heart and lets you regain your primal confidence and harmony.

Healing Painting


Healing is a healing journey into our innermost being, a journey into a fabulous land within us, during which we discover worlds full of colours and wonders. The hidden treasures are lifted and made visible on paper.

The painter is completely connected with himself and always gets involved with what he sees, deals with the subject and expresses himself in the form of colour and movement. The topic is integrated and healed. The painter does not know where the journey is going and draws from himself every moment. Thus he comes more and more into contact with his true essence.

Healing gives you access to your creativity and creative power, helps you to free yourself from themes, so that you can fully develop your potential.

Spiritual Photography

Geistige Fotografie

Spiritual Photography is a completely new approach to bring the perspective of photography – its contents, its origin and its understanding – to the interested participant in an unprecedented depth.

Spiritual Photography awakens your longing for true visual representation of the creative nature of man, animal and environment.

Every photographer can discover, feel and express the true behind every form through the expansion of awareness.

World Tour for Peace

World Tour for Peace

David Wared, visionary of world peace, founder of the philosophy of light awareness and initiator of the World Tour for Peace, leads our world tour for peace. 100 people who have realized peace in themselves follow the inner call to be there, to place themselves at the service of humanity and to expand the message of peace worldwide with this journey. Peace begins in me, in you, in us! From this realization we want to live, witness and expand peace, so that peace can also be realized worldwide. Worldwide peace is possible!

City of Peace

Stadt des Friedens

David Wared's vision of the City of Peace is based on an expanded teaching of humanity and ethics. In this city true peace is lived in an exemplary manner and is demonstrated and made possible for its inhabitants and guests from all over the world through a wide range of educational opportunities.

Stability of peace is achieved when reconciliation is lasting and sustainable. In the city of peace, according to the philosophy of light awareness, solutions are developed, researched and lived in order to align social and economic models sustainably to the realization of peace. Here, previously useful approaches are integrated, combined for greater effectiveness and supplemented, expanded and brought to a complete, holistic solution that is connected to all areas of life through the comprehensive approach of the philosophy of light awareness.

Study of Philosophy


The fundamental questions of human existence, the origin, self-knowledge and the meaning and purpose of life, describe man's striving for knowledge, development and true greatness. Since time immemorial, these questions could not be fully and unequivocally described. Only with the philosophy of light awareness according to David Wared is it possible to answer the questions of origin in a dogma-free, open and consistent manner. David Wared has precisely uncovered the causes of the incompleteness to date and, in addition to an extremely enlightening analysis, has introduced new aspects that can be fully comprehended. He reveals his sources and presents solutions that take both the philosophical theme and the practical path of human life a clear step forward.

Light Essence Therapy


Light Essence Therapy was revealed in 1974 by the healing philosopher and born healer David Wared and is the first therapy to emerge entirely from his philosophy, the philosophy of light awareness. It works holistically in body, soul and spirit, because it assumes that every human being and every other being including our earth is a unity of body, soul and spirit and can be healingly impulsed, touched and endowed with universal vitality of the essence of light on all three levels of its existence.

The Light Essence Therapy is based on the following five pillars: Education, counselling, support, succor and treatment. Therapists thus act as educators, companions, advisors and assist in difficult life situations. Via the light points as energy entry points, the universal light essence can also be transmitted directly to the person seeking healing by the therapist and have a direct ordering and harmonizing effect.

The therapeutic approach lies in the mind, soul or body, depending on the patient's approach. The path leads through liberation, healing and self-knowledge to integration and thus sustainably dissolves dividing blockages and limitations.

The treatment team of the Light Awareness Academy Düsseldorf currently consists of 9 therapists, including a doctor. They come from various healing professions with specialist training in orthodox medicine and met and united in the training as light-essence therapists according to David Wared.

The treatment team sees itself as a living expression of Light Essence Therapy and accordingly accepts and integrates any further form of therapy in its application. Currently, the treatment team in Düsseldorf already offers concepts for accompanying cancer therapy, burn-out, depression, anxiety disorders and states of exhaustion, provided that an inpatient stay is not necessary due to the clinical picture and severity.

In constant deepening of their professional possibilities and internal growth, the team wants to expand and aims to establish a day clinic in the long term.

The Light Essence Therapy is not only used in humans, but is also applied in animal and earth healing in the sense of extended humanity.

Light Wisdoms


The purpose and intention of Light Wisdom is to give you impulses, for they are an expression of the deep truth of all life. The light wisdom works on the deep soul level and thus sets deep impulses that invite to explore and invite to deeper spiritual confrontation. Word-clad insights will inspire, touch and delight you to become more and more aware of your own truth. The examination of the wisdom of light combines thinking with feeling and thus trains the feeling of thinking as an important decision-maker. Everything that is necessary for this is possible for every human being: the intention to open oneself and agree to the inner touch in order to let truth happen.

Wealth and Abundance

Reichtum and Fülle

Every man desires well-being and abundance in his life, and so he strives to bring the flow and wealth into his life in a fulfilling way. The seminars and workshops offered serve to enable each participant to experience his or her own path to fullness and richness of awareness and to recognize the flow of fullness as quality of being and to integrate and realize it in his or her life.

Song of Praise in Light Awareness

Lobgesang im Lichtbewusstsein

A "Song of Praise in Light Awareness" is a word, sentence or verse that is sung repeatedly to a harmonious melody. The song of praise is about the praise of the divine in ourselves, through which impulses for liberation, healing and self-knowledge are set.

A received hymn of praise always contains an essential message for ourselves or for others. By singing the song of praise it becomes possible to fathom and experience it on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

Songs of praise connect the spiritual and the earthly and work in many different ways. Each song of praise has its own vibrational tone and unfolds its power and effect.

All songs of praise in the light awareness were received by David Wared himself or his master disciples from the highest source. With the vibration from the light awareness – the NOW awareness – a sung hymn of praise raises the vibration and causes holy impulses on the 3 levels. The constant repetition of the concise text with its catchy melody deepens its effect, and healing happens immediately.

Light Collection „SPARKLES OF LIGHT“

From the wealth of vision and trust, this collection is born to touch people in their hearts.

The collection is the result of a longing to support people so that they can feel their freedom and no longer let themselves be restricted by fashion.

Colors are a very important element and should be freely chosen. Colors have a subconscious effect, trigger sensations and have effects on our daily perception and healing through their color frequency.

With colors we give ourselves energy and energetic protection. We don't just take a color out of the cupboard in the morning, we feel what color is calling us: a color that feels good, gives us a good feeling, gives warmth, gives strength and thus has a healing effect.

According to the philosophy of light awareness we follow a completely new approach, we see the clothes anew: as something that is alive, energizing and healing.

The collection is full of admiration for the animals, because the animals are as valuable beings as we are. Therefore we respect them as such and do not use any animal products.

The collection is full of admiration for nature, which is why we pay attention to materials that conserve resources, use biologically dyed qualities and treat nature with care.

The collection is full of admiration for the people who make it and wear it. We do not only produce sustainably & fairly, but we also produce the garments with a love and an energy that touches the wearer! It makes a big difference with what energy one designs and manufactures a garment, because this energy attracts the wearer later.

The collection wants to give impulses that a rethinking can take place in the entire consumer world and thus lead to more awareness in the world.